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Huli is the non-profit I co-founded located in Maunalua Bay on the island of O’ahu. The 501(c)(3) Non-Profit provides ocean education for public school students in the region in order to raise awareness around the history, culture, and conservation issues happening in the area. The website is a great example of my work that has a clean aesthetic and features captivating imagery with strong narrative.

HI Luxury rentals

HI Luxury Rentals features luxury properties for rent throughout Hawai’i and is a great example of one of the higher end web design projects I have done. It also gives a good look at some of the real estate visuals I am able to create.

The Green

The Green is a local favorite and one of the biggest touring bands to ever come out of Hawai’i. Their website features high quality media captured from locations throughout the world. The site is a good example of one of the projects I have done a for a client who gets massive amounts of viewership and needs information presented in a simple, streamlined, but stylish manner.